Loot Trap Overview

Loot Trap Overview - LogoDesigners: Curtis Melroe
Publisher: Parlance Games
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $15
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 30-90 min
Ages: 10+
Rules Available OnlineYes
BGG: Loot Trap

Parlance Games‘ Loot Trap, a pirate-themed card/board game hybrid, hits Kickstarter on November 15th. Parlance shot me over a prototype of the game to give it a shot and write a quick overview of it.

Loot Trap is a card game where the cards make up the board, player characters, dice, health, and action/trap cards. Depending on the number of players cards are laid out face down on the table to form the playing area, with the players placing their characters down to move among them.

Loot Trap Overview - Setup
A 4 player configuration

The goal of the game is to bank 5 Loot Cards or deplete your oppontents’ Health Points. After laying out the playspace, each player takes 4 cards from the deck to make up their hand and places their character card in the designating starting space. They then take a Health Tracker Cards and set it to 8. The Roll Deck is shuffled and placed within easy reach of each player, as is the main deck. There are 3 types of cards in Loot Trap’s deck:

  • Hybrid Cards – Contain an instant action that can be played on the top and a Trap on the bottom
  • Equipment Cards – Cards that can be equipped with either player that can provide a bonus/hinderance
  • Loot – Treasure! You want 5 of these.

On a player’s turn, they must move to an adjacent space, turning the previous card they were on sideways, setting it as a trap. After that they may take one of 3 actions:

  • Play – Play a card from their hand
    • Equipment cards can be played on any player
    • The top of a Hybrid Card can be used as an instant action
    • Loot can be banked
  • Lay – Lay a trap horizontally in an adjacent space
    • The space can not have another player on it
    • The space cannot have another player laid trap on it
    • If the space is a non-player laid trap, the card is flipped over and the player laid trap is placed over it
  • Peek – Peek at the card currently under their Character Card
    • The card can be discarded and replaced by one from the deck
    • The card can be swapped for a card in the player’s hand
    • The card can be flipped back over

Each character in Loot Trap has their own set of special abilities. These can be used during a Play action where an instant played tells you to roll. At this point, a Roll Card is drawn and the corresponding action on the Character Card is taken.


Loot Trap is currently on Kickstarter with a minimum pledge of $15 to get a physical copy of the game.

A prototype copy of Loot Trap was provided free for this overview

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