Let’s Curate Some More Dice with the Level Up Dice Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection

Last week Level Up Dice I chose some dice from Level Up Dice’ Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection for a randomly generated D&D Beyond character. These aluminum dice are available in ten different colors and have loads of options for each die size so you can customize a dice set specific to your RPG character. Currently, there are:

  • 32 d20s featuring character classes
  • 68 dice of varying sizes for weapons
  • 70 dice of varying sizes for damage types
  • 9 dice of varying sizes for spell types

You can see each of the dice here.

Lud Curate was a fairly interesting person, so I’ve decided to once again pull up D&D Beyond and generate a new character.

Welcome, Ludo Adventair

Ludo Adventair, no relation to Lud Curate, is a level 10 Earth Genasi Tempest Cleric. They’re pretty solid, and exceptionally smart. Apparently not smart enough to study magic instead of devoting themselves to a deity, as would have worked out better for them with these stats:

Smart and sturdy

That +3 INT and +2 CON are both excellent, though, just like Lud, their WIS isn’t the best for their chosen class. Oh well, I’m sure they get by just fine. I mean, they’ve survived until level 10, right? Anyway, since they are a Tempest Cleric, let’s go with a black Cleric d20.

class cleric reg gray

Ludo comes armed to the teeth with a warhammer and a yklwa, both d8 damage weapons. Level Up Dice has a warhammer die, but not one specific for a yklwa, so we’ll just go with a dagger here.

As far as spells and class abilities go, Ludo doubles up on the thunder and lightning damage. We’re going to need some d8s both and a d10 for lightning. We’ll also need some d6 for cold, and radiant damage for Ice Storm and Destructive Wave. while multiples of each type would be best, we’ll just go with one of each for now.

Look at that! Even at level 10 Ludo wasn’t much harder to kit out than Lud was! With such a wide variety of dice available in the Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection it was easy to pick out with just the dice they needed.

Come back next week and we’ll do this all again, maybe with an even higher level character!

I’m a Level Up Dice Diceomancer, which means I get to tell the world all about how cool Level Up Dice are in exchange for some awesome goodies for sales I generate.

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