Let’s Curate Some Dice with the Level Up Dice Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection

Last week Level Up Dice launched their first-ever Kickstarter featuring the Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection. These aluminum dice are available in ten different colors and have loads of options for each die size so you can customize a dice set specific to your RPG character. Currently, there are:

  • 32 d20s featuring character classes
  • 68 dice of varying sizes for weapons
  • 70 dice of varying sizes for damage types
  • 9 dice of varying sizes for spell types

You can see each of the dice here.

The way the Kickstarter works is that you back at the $10 level and then pick from the dice available, adding in the amount required for each one. There are other, more amazing, tiers to back at as well that provide a lot more sweetness to the deal.

The Birth of Lud Curate

With so many dice to choose from I figured wouldn’t it be fun to have D&D Beyond create me a completely random character and I’ll figure out which Adventurer’s Curated Dice would work best for them.

Enter Lud Curate, a 3rd level Variant Feral Tiefling Trickery Cleric / Sorcerer. What a mouthful. Here’s a quick look at their stats. Click the image to view their full character sheet.

Lud is pretty hearty, but a bit of a clutz.

Well, they’ve got a pretty beefy constitution, which will help them survive a bit. Their charisma is pretty decent for the sorcerer side. Unfortunately, they’re not winning any Cleric of the Year awards with that Wisdom score. Anyway, let’s start off with their d20s for Class. Both the Cleric die and Sorcerer die are really awesome, so we’ll just take both in different shades of blue since Lud has the Sailor background.

As for weapons, Lud has a mace and a dagger. Fairly easy pick for both right here. A Sword d4 and a Mace d6 will do the trick just fine.

As far as spells go, Lud has four offensive spells: Chill Touch, Shocking Grasp, Burning Hands, and Tasha’s Caustic Brew. Thankfully Level Up Dice has just the dice we need. We’ll grab 1 Deadly d8, 1 Electricity d8, 3 of the Burninghands d6 and 2 Acid d4 so we cover our bases when we need to roll damage.

Turns out Lud wasn’t too complicated after all! With such a wide variety of dice available in the Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection it was easy to kit them out with just the dice they needed.

Come back next week and we’ll do this all again, maybe with a higher level character!

I’m a Level Up Dice Diceomancer, which means I get to tell the world all about how cool Level Up Dice are in exchange for some awesome goodies for sales I generate.

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