Let’s Curate One More Set of Dice with the Level Up Dice Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection

Last week I posted my 2nd character to choose Level Up Dice’ Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection for. Again, it was a random character generated on D&D Beyond. Level Up Dice’s Kickstarter are for aluminum dice that are available in ten different colors and have loads of options for each die size so you can customize a dice set specific to your RPG character. Currently, there are:

  • 15 colors to choose from
  • 32 d20s featuring character classes
  • 68 dice of varying sizes for weapons
  • 70 dice of varying sizes for damage types
  • 20 rune dice of varying sizes
  • 9 dice of varying sizes for spell types

You can see each of the dice here.

Lud Curate and Ludo Adventair were both thinly veiling attempts at Kickstarter marketing, so let’s name this new character in a more straight forward manner…

Welcome to the Family, Level Up Dice Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection!

Yeah, yeah. It’s not the best of names, but what are you gonna do. Anyway, LUDACDC is, once again, a random character generated on D&D Beyond. They are Level 20, and multiclass in the following: Blood Hunter (15), Druid (4), Fighter (1). Oh, did I mention they are a Kobold with the Plaintiff background? This should be interesting.

Here’s a quick look at their stats. Click their name above to see the full character sheet.

Screenshot 2021 02 05 173002

Their stats are pretty solid! This is a character who has seen a bit of adventure, so it’s no surprise their stats are better than most. Now, we’ll need to start off with the class dice for LUDACDC. Here we hit a stumbling block. There is no Blood Hunter die! It’s OK. The Witch die works fine and looks very thematic. So here are the three dice we’ll use:

Having survived for so long through countless adventures, LUDACDC carries the wonderful Dyrrn’s Tentacle Whip, a whip that does both slashing and psychic damage. They also have a hand crossbow that’s pretty lame in comparison. While the whip does slashing, it’s not a sword so I went with a Bleed die, and then a Mental die for the psychic damage. As for the crossbow, a standard bow die.

Now let’s take a look at their spells and abilities. As a Blood Hunter, they have access to skills that do both radiant and necrotic damage, so we’ll grab some Good and Evil dice. They also have a few spells that do piercing and fire damage, so a Dart and Fire die get added into the mix.

Even with such a complex, high level character it was still super easy to pick dice for them!

There are currently only five days left in the Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection, so head on over to Kickstarter and pledge right now!

I’m a Level Up Dice Diceomancer, which means I get to tell the world all about how cool Level Up Dice are in exchange for some awesome goodies for sales I generate.

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