Kickstarter – Warforged: First Contact

Warforged: First Contact launches on Kickstarter some time today.. Warforged is a new tactical miniatures game developed by Reforged Studios. With art by Neil Robertson and miniatures crafted by Ninja Division, this game looks to be one worth holding out for.

Warforged is designed to appeal to both miniature collectors and tactical board game players. The game takes place in the distant future, where fearless warriors of the Iron Legion contest the mythical Mantra, a galaxy-spanning covenant of aliens bent on dominating the human race. In this setting, a handful of people—known as the Awoken—have merged with nanotechnology gifting them unprecedented power, such as the ability to hurl lightning, disappear into thin air, or move with preternatural speed. Most of the Awoken serve with the Iron Legion as revered commanders. And, those few who don’t are closely monitored to ensure their gifts are not misused.

Warforged promises to feature: a unique card deck containing relevant gameplay information for each warrior, innovative power tokens, three unique sets of dice, a scalable exploration mode, and an award system. Additionally, stretch goals and special offers featured in the Kickstarter campaign will introduce a multitude of supplementary game content, including a third faction of human rebels called The Uprising. Boasting the track records of both Reforged Studios and Ninja Division, it is difficult to imagine Warforged as being anything but both visually stunning and fun to play. I am definitely looking forward to following the development of this game and to one day getting my hands on a copy.

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