Kickstarter – The Lords of Rock

After ruling the universe for millennia, the gods have found their power diminishing and some have faded away completely. Those remaining are forced into a battle for their very survival: War would only lead to annihilation.

They have agreed that their battle for souls and power must be played out on the cosmic stage…

… and that stage only allows Rock and Roll.

I couldn’t really sum up The Lords of Rock better than that, which is ripped straight from SolarFlare’s Kickstarter page for the game. The game has you pick four gods from a pantheon and battle it out in epic venues for the souls of mankind. The gods of Egyptian, Aztec, Greek, and Norse pantheons are part of the base game with Eldar Gods and the Chinese pantheon added in from the stretch goals. Venues like Atlantis, Alexandria, and more set the stage for the mighty Battle of the Bands.

The art here looks amazing, and the whole premise of The Lords of Rock is just too awesome for words. The game is already funded, and has a little over two days left to go. The best part is that it’s just $20 shipped for the base game and all the unlocked stretch goals. That’s a lot of value. You can back a bit more to get custom guitar picks, poker cards, and t-shirts (because all good bands have t-shirts!) There’s even a great game mat available at higher tiers.

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