Kickstarter – Savage Planet

Recently Imp House, LLC launched Savage Planet on Kickstarer, a semi-cooperative tableau-building game with some amazing artwork. We’re talking 80’s fantasy style…my favorite.

Savage Planet has each player taking control of a city-state in the world of game’s world of Fantos. Over the course of the game they try to build up their Citadel and earn the favor of Zodraz, a Cosmic Warden. If you couldn’t tell their be some lore to the game, that last sentance should give you a good hint. Every character in the game has some sort of history, coming from one of six races. There’s a great blog post on Imp House’s site detailing the world.

Anyway! The game looks pretty awesome, boasting multiple paths to victory, unique mechanics, and highly interactive rounds. If you’re looking to actually take a peek you can download a print-and-play version of the game to give it a shot before you pledge.

If you’re not into the whole print-and-play thing you can still view the current rulebook here.

Savage Planet is already funded and working through their stretch goals. A $30 pledge will get you the game and all the unlocked goals once the campaign ends. It’s the only pledge level, so it’s nice and easy.

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