Kickstarter – Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy – Tale of the Fatebounds, a new game from SEMISOFT, is currently up on Kickstarter and almost funded. It’s a turn-based RPG with beautiful visuals and an interesting cast of characters. There’s also a castle mechanic where NPCs can help you rebuild and protect your headquarters throughout the game.

SEMISOFT has released an pre-alpha prologue that contains the entire first chapter of the game. It’s free to download, try, and provide feedback on. You can snag Version A and B here, or Version B on Steam. What’s the difference between the two versions? The battle system. SEMISOFT would really like people to play both and let them know which version of the battle system they enjoy more.

Legrand Legacy is almost funded. A pledge of around $18 will ensure you get a Steam and DRM-free version of the game when it’s complete. The higher tiers can get you earlier beta access, the soundtrack, and your name in various in-game credits.

If any of this sounds interesting, check out the Kickstarter page for all the info you could ever want about the game. Some screens from the game, and a video that contains a bit of gameplay, can be found below.

Legrand Legacy Screens

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