Kickstarter – Fallen Angel

This month I decided to back Fallen Angel by Asteria Board Game Creation. It was a tough call, as there’s some really great projects out there right now. Fallen Angel has a few things going for it. The game itself sounds really interesting, has great looking components, is affordable, and comes with a dice tower!

Fallen Angel

The game as a very sci-fi meets fantasy look and feel, and the mechanics revolve around rolling dice and using the results to take various actions.

That’s about all I have to go on right now. Undead Viking has done a review explaining the game a bit more, but I’m holding off watching it until I can play and get my own feel for it before writing my own review.

As of right now Fallen Angel is almost fully funded. With 20 days left to go, I’m sure this one’s in the bag. Rewards should be shipping in November of this month, so hopefully I’ll be able to do an unboxing and review then.

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