Kickstarter – Elemental Mystics

Another Kickstarter pick, already?

Yes. Already.

Just look this game. I didn’t even look up how it’s played before I backed the project. I backed it purely on it’s design. Of course I went back and watched the “How to Play” video right after to make sure I didn’t make a horrible mistake. It’s a bit over the top, but gave me a good idea that I made the right choice.

I should mention that you probably don’t want to watch the actual Kickstarter video at top of the project page. It’s pretty … terrible. The video you want to watch is the one I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.

Alternatively, you can download the rules here.

Elemental Mystics is going to be an Expandable Card Game (XCG), so if any cards are produced past this base set they’ll be available in pre-made sets instead of boosters. The project is hoping to raise $91,215, a lofty goal, so I’ll see if even the base set is produced before getting my hopes up for future releases.

Post Edited 8/11/16 9:36am. Project relaunched. Updated links and embeds.

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