Kickstarter – Beasts of Battle

In my Beasts of Balance review back in June I mention that the game really needed some kind of competative mode. Well, a new Kickstarter has been launched today by Sensible Object for a Battle expansion along with some new creatures to add to the game. You can also snag a new edition of the base game that comes in slightly smaller packaging, yet with room for all the expansion content in it. Everything else in the new edition is identical to the original base game.

The Battles Expanison Pack adds 16 NFC Battle Cards and a Legendary Dragon. It allows 2-3 players to choose a single region: land, sea, or air, and battle it out by playing creatures of your type and stealing power from other regions. The NFC Battle Cards add in special powers that will help you attack, defend, and more during your battles. The Dragon, Magmaaargh The Cantankerous, can add a ton of points to your region, but constantly needs to be fed Star Points or things could get ugly for you. He can also be crossed with other creatures to create some truely horrific hybrids.

The More Beasts Expansion Pack adds a flamingo, chameleon, and angler fish. Each of these new creatures are a bit weirder shape than usual and can be be used to create over 100 new hybrids in the game.

You can get both expansions with a pledge of $49 (retail will be $79.) The Kickstarer is already funded, so get your pledges in now to take advantage of the savings!

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