Kickstarter – Avoid the Void

One of the things I don’t regularly do is back Kickstarter projects. Sure, I cover plenty of them for Purple Pawn, but I generally ended up getting them for free for writing such coverage. I’d like to change that a bit here on A Pawn’s Perspective. Ideally I’d like to back a project per month. Something I’m really interested in. Cream of the crop in my opinion and price range.

For May it’s Avoid the Void, a game I covered from PAX East 2016. A really excellent game that’s not getting the funding it rightly deserves. Truthfully, I’ve seen a lot of crap get funded that has both asked for more, and raised even more than asked. Avoid the Void is a game that’s accessible, a good time, and a solid design.

There’s a day left in the campaign, and a bit over $5k left to raise to see the game funded. $25 will get you the retail game, which is a pretty great price considering how much board games can go for these days. Impulse buy for sure.

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