InspiredCraftwork Follow-up

In a previous post, I had mentioned InspiredCraftwork’s search tokens for Fantasy Flight’s Descent and squad and activation tokens for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Derick Hui of InspiredCraftwork sent a few sets my way, so I thought I would do a short follow-up post showing them off.

Inspired Craftwork Tokens 1

The Squad and Activation Token Set is sold in multi-colored sets of three or five. They cost $11.50 and $18, respectively. Each color comes with three squad markers and three matching activation tokens. The set of three comes in red, green, and blue. The set of five adds yellow and purple to the mix. The squad markers fit neatly underneath the bases of your models and are numbered to differentiate your various units on the map. The activation tokens can be flipped over to indicate unit activation.

Inspired Craftwork Tokens 2

The Descent Search Token set includes eight treasure chest tokens designed for use primarily as search tokens for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. The tokens have removable tops to hide any sort of marker inside to designate the unique search token when required. They measure roughly 20mm square and are compatible with 28mm scale games. The set comes in your choice of flat or round lids and cost $12 or $15, respectively. These token sets are a great, low-cost way to spice up your board.

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