A Look at Inexistence Rebirth

A supposed update to a “classic” Metroidvania, Inexistence Rebirth touts a bunch of new features and improvements over its predecessor, Inexistence. Having never played the original, I have no way to make a comparison other than how they look, which is almost identical.

From the developer:

Hald and his sister, Hania, were chosen by the gods to be “Keepers”.
Their shared duty is to maintain order and balance in the world; but peace was not something everyone desired.

Claos, a man filled with dark purpose, decides to plunge Hania in a deep slumber and break the balance.

Hald begins his quest to find Claos and break the spell – throwing him into a vast world full of mystery and danger…

Inexistence Rebirth is what it says it is, a Metroidvania with exploration, upgrades, and lots of action. Unfortunately, the game suffers from being out of its age. The game feels more like something out of the shareware days of old when demos of games were swapped around on 3.5″ floppies, and rarely anyone went as far as to purchase the full title.

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The controls feel stiff, the graphics outdated, and not in a nostalgic way, and the storyline cliched. As far as the genre goes, there are far better titles out there to purchase. What is impressive about the game is that it has been created in its entirety by one person. Then again, so was Axion Verge, a pinnacle of the Metroidvania genre.

Cheap enough on its own, you may want to pick up Inexistence Rebirth to satisfy a curiosity. Other than that, it’s a forgettable title that can quickly be left behind without regret.

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