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It’s COLD in New England with Winter just hitting its stride. What better way to spend a frosty evening than with some HOT games! Games that really bring the heat and get things steamy.

Here’s 5 game to really work up a sweat and chase those winter chills away.

Fire Tower

A fire rages somewhere in the heart of the forest. From the height of a fire tower, you command the efforts to defend your tower and take down your opponents. With each turn, the inferno grows.


An excellent family-friendly game that’s super easy to learn and play, even for kids. While simple, it’s a game of building tension and raging excitement as the fire grows and spreads to engulf the board in over 130 large, plastic Fire Gems. Control the wind to spread the fire towards your opponents and be the last fire tower standing.

Fire in the Library

Take your chances, be the bravest, and save books in Fire in the Library!


There’s a fire in the library! It’s up to a few brave individuals to run into the burning building and save as many books as possible before it’s too late. Grab whatever tools you can, summon up your courage, and help preserve as much knowledge as possible. Fire in the Library is light, quick, and full of tension. While there is certainly a luck element involved, the game doesn’t get dragged down thanks to the choices available to players on each turn.

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar

Welcome to Fireball Island! You may have heard stories. You may have visited when you were younger. Perhaps you even saw a fireball engulf a fellow traveler in a hellscape of horror that makes you afraid to close your eyes at night. Whatever the case, welcome back!


What better way to stay warm than to be rolled over by a giant ball of fire? Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar brings back the nostalgia of the original 80’s version of the game with all new mechanics, a better production value, and more danger for the poor adventurers that step foot on the island! An excellent game to play with the whole family.

The Brigade

Welcome to Tinderbox!
…sorry about the weather…
The city of Tinderbox has, rather predictably, caught fire.


Are you sensing a theme yet? The forests have caught fire, as has the library. You’ve been rolled over by fireballs. Getting warm yet? I hope not TOO warm because now the city has caught fire! The Brigade has players competing to put out fires around a medieval city in order to impress the populace and become the next fire chief. A step up in complexity from the previous games in the list, but still good for ages 8+!


Who would like to spend an evening in front of a fireplace, listening to music that makes you dream, drinking a glass of red wine or even tea. However, once and again you would have to put some more wood on to keep the atmosphere.

O’Neal , A. Fire. 3 Feb. 2006,

Really the best way to stay warm when it’s cold is to make a nice, warm fire. Preferably someplace safe like a fireplace, wood burning stove, or outdoor fire pit. A burn barrel will do in a pinch. Theta Editions’ Fire is long out of print, but it had to make this list. The game is similar to Jenga, except your pulling dowels out of a curved frame. It’s looks absolutely stunning and would be a good project for any woodworkers out there.

Well, there you have it. 5 games to really get your glands going when the temperature starts dropping. Of course you knew I was going to be listing games having to do with fire, right? What else did you think I was going to talk about?

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