Hintegers Review

Hintegers Review - CoverDesigners: Frank Alberts, Russell Ng
Publisher: Zafty
Year: 2018
MSRP: $15
Players: 5-10
Play Time: 20 Min
Ages: 8+
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: Hintegers


Guess what number between 1-10 that I’m thinking of. We’ve all played this game before, but Zafty’s Hintegers puts a bit more structure around it with Hintegers, a party game for 5-10 players where everyone is trying to guess what number a person chose with only a category and a single hint.


A game of Hintegers begins by players choosing a color and taking that set of numbered cards 1-10 and 3 Lifeline cards. The Category cards are then shuffled and a random player is chosen to be the Hint Giver. The Hint Giver then takes two Category Cards, chooses one, and passes the other to the next Hint Giver in line. Then, the Hint Giver chooses a number from their hand, places it face down, and thinks of a hint to go along with the Category chosen. Hints must be related to the Category, Number, and must either be a single word or a proper noun.

At this point in the game Guessers place one of their Number cards face down and may also play a Lifeline card face-down next to their guess. Once everyone has placed their cards all Lifeline cards are flipped and resolved before flipping Number cards and determining points. Lifeline cards allow you to copy someone else’s guess, add 1 to your number, or subtract 1 from your number. If any player guessed correctly both the players who were correct and the Hint Giver discard that number. If no one guess right all cards go back to the players’ hands and the next Hint Giver in line sets up the next Category and hint. Play continues until 1 person has only 3 cards left in their hand, making them the victor.


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  • Cards 👍

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A colorful deck of category and number cards is all that Hintegers needs to provide an experience that’s surprisingly fresh experience. The high minimum player count may be a turn off for some, but at its heart it is a party game so that’s to be expected. With a simple set of rules and easy-to-grasp basic premise the game has no right being as fun as it is. The low price point places it in a solid market slot where you don’t feel like you’re overpaying for a game you could really play with no components other than some slips of paper. The clean design and excellent feel of the cards makes you want to hold the cards and display the box on your shelf.

A copy of Hintegers was provided free for review by Zafty

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