High Roller

OK, I really just need to start off my post with this image.

High Roller

Yup. That’s me at Toy Fair riding an adult sized Big Wheel. The bike is make by High Roller USA and is an absolute marvel. I actually got to tear down the isles of Toy Fair on this bad boy, and the awesome people at the booth even taught me how to power slide on it.

This this is built tough. The frame handled my bulk with no problem at all. The large front wheel is rubber making from some great traction, while the back wheels are plastic and made for drifting. Basically you turn the front wheel sharply and the back wheels just slide nice and smooth.

What do these puppies cost? $650. It’s a bit steep, but not really that outrageous when you consider how much other well made bikes cost. It’s also totally worth it to relive your youth and show all those toddler punks how it’s done on the mean streets of adulthood.

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