Hero’s Crossing Preview

Hero's Crossing Preview - CoverDesigners: Brian Sowers
Publisher: One Method Monkey
Year: 2017
Minimum Pledge: $50
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 60-120 min
Ages: 14+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Hero’s Crossing


Hero’s Crossing is a game about managing a video game RPG town that’s coming to Kickstarter soon. In the game, players are competing to create a town that attracts the most heroes and meets their various needs. They do this by setting up production centers, creating supply routes, and building shops that can sell their goods to heroes in need. Along the way, they’ll be able to sabotage other players’, expand their town, and earn special tiles and hero abilities that give them extra bonuses.


Hero’s Crossing has several different mechanics meant to simulate building and running your town. The basics follow below, but the full rules can be found here.

During the game heroes of increasing level will be available for players to try to attract. Using 4 different color dice the players will perform their actions based on Dual Action cards to build up their town, move/sell their goods, and try to block other players from moving their goods.

Each round flows as follows:

  1. Draw Action Card – The current set of Dual Actions available for the round is determined by this card
  2. Roll Zoning Restriction Die – This will determine which directions will build out their town
  3. Roll Resource Dice
  4. Draft Dice – Players take turns using one of their dice at a time to perform actions from the Action Card. This is the main phase of the game, and what color die and what number rolled will determine the resolution of the actions picked. The following actions are available, and are paired together on the Action Card:
    • Get Land – Use any die to draw a land tile and place it according to the Zoning Restriction Die
    • Grab a Modifier – Use any die to take +1 Die Modifiers. A roll of 1-3 gets you 2, while a roll of 4-6 gets you one
      • Produce – Produce goods matching the die color used at their appropriate building in your town. The level building (1, 2, or 3) determines how many goods are produced. A roll of 4+ produces a bonus good.
    • Move – Move goods that match the color of the die using the number of spaces listed on the die.
    • Spy – Use any color die to place a worker on an opponent’s land tile. They cannot move resources through that tile
    • Expel – Use any color die to expel a spy from your town
    • Bid – Bid on a building tile from the publicly available tiles
    • Attract – Attract a hero using the same color die of one of the hero’s needs
  5. Resolve Hero Attraction – If a hero was attracted a player may sell them goods. The player to satisfy the final need of a hero gets that hero in their town and can use their ability
  6. Cleanup
    • Resolve Final Building Bids
    • Restock Heroes 
    • Progress Era – When a hero of the next level is revealed those building tiles become available to bid on
    • Refresh Heroes
    • Return Workers
    • Return Dice
    • Pass Zoning Restriction Die

The game ends when the last hero has been attracted to the village. Players add up the victory points earned from their heroes to determine the winner.




That’s a very light outline of the game, and I highly recommend both reading the rules and watching the overview video to get a better feel for how the game plays out.


The copy of Hero’s Crossing I received was a prototype created through The Game Crafter, and by no means indicates what the final product will be like if the game funds. The artwork is pretty much final and is full of video game RPG nostalgia. One of the coolest things about the artwork is how it evolves as heroes and buildings progress in level. Level 1 heroes and building have 8-bit pixel art, while level 2 and 3 heroes and buildings have 16 and 32-bit pixel art respectively. It’s a nice touch that gives you a visual representation of how your town evolves over the course of the game.

Hero's Crossing Preview - Tiles


There’s a great game buried in Hero’s Crossing somewhere just trying to shine. The game is good, sure, but gets a bit bogged down in itself and its multitude of different mechanics and suffers for it. During the game, you have to deal with Zoning Restriction, Tile Drafting, Dice Drafting, the Dual Action mechanic, bidding, worker placement, and Hero Attraction. There’s plenty of layers that need to be trimmed down and streamlined to find the fun. Keeping track of your Resource Dice during the course of a round also gets a bit…dicey…at times, though Brian assures me they have a “Graveyard” card in the works to help with this.

Hero’s Crossing hits Kickstarter on October 19th. More info on pricing, stretch goals, etc… to be added once the campaign goes live.

A prototype of Hero’s Crossing was provided for this preview and returned to One Method Monkey

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