Hazelnut Bastille Public Demo Released

Aloft Studio has just announced the release of the public demo for their game, Hazelnut Bastille. Access to the demo can be obtained by signing up for their newsletter.

I happened to come across Hazelnut Bastille when someone retweeted the release of Aloft’s demo yesterday. I was instantly intersted after seeing the retro SNES-inspired graphics and immediately set out to find out more about the game. It’s a topdown adventure game similar to A Link to the Past, but has Metroidvania elements to its level design.

Aloft boasts an impressive list of features:

  • Heavily conscientious level design
  • Metroidvania progression
  • Classic open-world Overworld and Dungeon format
  • 16-bit graphic and audio style
  • 8-voice Chiptune and lofi sample soundtrack
  • Classic 4-way character navigation
  • Enemy design invoking original Legend of Zelda principles
  • Intense, brutal bosses which require learning and observation
  • Highly challenging combat sequences with a high skill ceiling
  • Puzzles built around observation, item use, and sequential logic
  • Complex trading system to obtain optional items
  • Customizable playstyle based on which items player obtains and equips

Pretty much every one of those bullet points resonates with me. I’m currently downloading the demo build as I write this.

Hazelnut Bastille is set to release early-2018 for PC / Mac / Linux.

Hazelnut Bastille Screen Hazelnut Bastille Screen
Hazelnut Bastille Screen Hazelnut Bastille Screen

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