Hasbro Launches Quarterly Crate Service

Happy Hasbro Customers
These people are SO happy to have their Hasbro Gaming Crate!

Hasbro is jumping on the monthly crate craze with their own quarterly subscription service. Appropriately named the “Hasbro Gaming Crate”, the plan will offer two different options: The Party Crate and The Family Crate. The Party Crate will contain games with content geared toward college students, young adults, and parents who are looking to enjoy “adults-only” game nights. Hasbro has mentioned games like: Judgmental, Box of Rocks, and Speak Out: Joe Santagato Edition. The Family Crate, on the other hand, caters to the entire family with games like Mask of the Pharaoh, Leo Goes to the Barber, and Tricky Wishes.

Each crate will be $49.99 (plus shipping) with new crates showing up at your doorstep every 3 months. The first round of crates are expected to ship in the fall.

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