Harn 5e & Hârn 5e Bestiary Pay What You Want

  • Play (Mechanics)
  • Presentation (Art/Quality)
  • Plan (Rules)

Columbia Games has released its 5e adaptation of Harn on DriveThruRPG as Pay What You Want titles. Both the 5e Harn book and 5e Harn Bestiary available, so pick ’em up now! It is recommended that players have both the HârnWorld and HârnMaster books, but they’re aren’t necessary to play.

HârnWorld is a detailed, realistic, flexible, and system-neutral setting for fantasy role-playing games. Since 1983, HârnWorld has been used by thousands of people across the world to run a wide array of medieval fantasy adventures. HârnWorld can accommodate whatever style of campaign you are looking for, whether your player characters are knights, mages, barbarians, clerics, noble lords, mercenaries, gladiators, craftsmen, merchants, thieves, or even simple peasants yearning for adventure.

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