Gruff: Whispers of Madness Preview

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Whispers of Madness, Studio Woe’s latest release for the Gruff combat card game, will be hitting Kickstarter on February 18th. I’ve been covering Gruff for a while now, and I can’t be more excited about this new release. This latest set adds:

  • 15 Gruff character cards
  • 225 Ability cards
  • 8 Shepard cards
  • 3 Troll character cards
  • 15 Troll behavior cards
  • 10 Mutation token cards
  • 1 Legendary Gruff card
  • 2 Rules reference cards
render e lores orig

Whispers of Madness introduces The Betwixt to Gruff, a space between worlds that is neither here nor there. A place where nothing sane exists. Horrors beyond imagination corrupt every mind they encounter creating Deepthings, horrible, twisted abominations. The Betwixt was once guarded by mighty trolls, but they’ve disappeared leaving only the Shepards of Woe to keep the line between order and chaos.

I’m a big fan of both Lovecraftian horror and Gruff, so the melding of these two things makes me incredibly happy. I’ve got only a handful of the new cards in prototype form, but from what I’m seeing this new set delivers a healthy dose of both weird and awesome that we’ve come to expect from Gruff. I’m especially fond of Fuzzle, one of the new Gruffs that is both Stuffed and a Deepthing.

art fuzzle lores orig 1

There’s not much in the way of new gameplay with this release. All of the previously added mechanics are here, so you can play a standard battle of solo/co-op against a Troll.

It’s going to be pretty hard to top Stuff of Nightmares, but Whispers of Madness is shaping up to do just that.

Whispers of Madness launches February 18th, 2020 on Kickstarter.

A prototype copy of Whispers of Madness was provided free for preview by Studio Woe

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