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For the past few years, tabletop games have been exploring in popularity. This is because they give individuals the focus of getting together in a particular place and enjoy the company of one another in an era where the majority of people’s social lives happen online. However, the best board games are nothing like the demure and dull old incessant games of Monopoly. Rather, a new wave of games utilizes appealing themes and ingenious and innovative ideas to give players a fun and redolent time with their friends as well as family. Bringing friends to your house is not easy in recent times. However, you always wish you could have fun with friends and family in the house. But how can you do it? Well, board games are the ideal means to do so.

Of course remote learning may get in the way of your entertainment time. Balancing work/school/recreation can be tough during stay-at-home orders, so maybe a report on board games is on order, or an essay about video games. Mix work and play!


However, you must ascertain your friends and family members are having the best time by bringing the best new board games in 2020 to the table. This includes games people of different can play. Additionally, they ought not to be too competitive as they may result in any major fallings out in the long run. Nonetheless, with your friends and peers, you may want ultra-competitive games that let you play out your shams and conniving plans. Or, you may want tabletop games for parties: these do not need much concentration are bound to lead to laughter. There are also cooperative games that involve two players playing against one another. Nonetheless, there are numerous board games that you can play with your friends and family, and below are some of the new board games in 2020.


Gloomhaven is one of the best board games around that has a collision of preemptive, intricate gameplay of dungeon-crawling tabletop games and an epic fantasy roleplaying of games such as dungeons and dragons. Players explore the fictional cosmic world during a campaign that may span dozens of connected scenarios and several hours thereby building up the deck of moves of their characters as well as their abilities to unleash while the game is at its intense and puzzling card-driven battles. As a player, your decision both in and out of fights will shape the Gloomhaven world, with the game borrowing some of the pioneering aspects of legacy board games such as Pandemic Legacy.


Deception is one of the top board games in 2020 that you can bring to the table and have fun with your friends and family. As the name suggests, Deception is a veiled role game about unraveling a vehement murder plot. If you have always yearned to host a murder mystery party without planning for it, then you should choose Deception. For your next massive social event, Murder in Hong Kong is the ideal board game for you. Located among the darkest corners of the city and including stories of murder most foul, Deception is the perfect party board game. It can cater to up to 12 players each assuming various roles like an investigator, witness, accomplice, murderer, as well as a forensic scientist among others.

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

Pandemic Legacy is one of the most dominant and pioneering board games. If you are a cooperative game fanatic, this is the ideal game for you. It pits you as well as your group against the inexorable spread of disease across the globe as you join forces to discover its cure before all is lost. The first season makes this game more enthralling, presenting a story drive set across 12 months, where the result of each play has long-term effects on the imaginary world.

You will develop an interest to play it more as you will want to tear up cards and place stickers on the tabletop and open boxes full of new rules, pieces to play, as well as other surprises. Hence, you need to ensure that your academic writing assignments do not hinder you from enjoying yourself. So, you should work on them early enough to get time to play the Pandemic Legacy board game. But, if the assignments are too many for you or if most of them are too complex, consider getting academic writing help from PerfectEssay.

Mice and Mystics

Mice and Mystics are also one of the best strategy board games that you can play with your friends. As the name suggests, this game requires you to explore a whole castle and fight the numerous scary insects and rats. This is a cooperative board game whereby each player has a particular role to perform and because it feels like a battle between your group of rodents and the world. The characters in this game include the healing party, the trickster, the bruiser, and the duelist. While venturing into each colossal room of the castle, you and your fellow rodents will face numerous horrors from rival rats, Brodie (the feared housecat), and brutal cockroaches.

With each new challenge you confront, you will have to combine your unique abilities with those of your fellow mice and the odd cheese crumb to survive and continue in your quest in a successful manner to escape the evil Vanestra.


Codenames are one of the best board games that you can play with your friends. This game necessitates two teams to compete against each other to guess all the words on the board before their competitors. It is one of the board games on demand because of its different versions, including, ‘The Harry Potter version,’ and ‘The Marvel Edition’ among others. Codenames are not only easy to access but also very enjoyable to play. Two teams race against each other to find their spies in a successful manner. And while at it, they try as much as they can to avoid enemy spies, feared assassin, and pedestrians.

Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness, as the name suggests, is a horror game where each scenario introduces a new selection of dreads to rout. While playing this game, you will get to explore various cursed locations and solve terrifying mysteries. Each player controls an investigator from the Arkham Horror Files universe with unique abilities and advantages. Then, they will decide where to go who to talk to, what to study, and how to retort in conflict. If you love horror films, this is the perfect game for you. However, you need to ensure you clear your academic schedule by asking for assistance from professional writing services.

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In conclusion, with the bevy of whimsical board games out there, you will never get bored. You cannot only enjoy yourself with your friends but also family. But, you need to clear your academic schedule so that you get enough time to try the various board games out there. However, you need to ensure that you choose board games that both your friends and family will enjoy and have the best time of their lives. Lucky enough, above are some of the top board games you can choose from.

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