Free Kingdomino Expansion “The Court”

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Blue Orange Games released a free print-and-play expansion for their award-winning game, Kingdomino. Titled “The Court,” this expansion adds resources, new buildings, and influential characters of the court.

The game is played like normal, except resource tokens are placed on every domino side without a crown. After a player finishes their normal turn they may either spend 2 resources from their kingdom to construct a building to add extra crowns or recruit a member of the court that has special scoring rules. The buildings and court members available are placed on a small board, and refreshed when one is taken.

The Court board with sample tiles

The Court was delivered to members of the Blue Orange Games newsletter today, but you can grab the PDF right here. Keep in mind you do need to print this yourself. If course there’s not much to print and a whole lot to play. If you own Kingdomino this is a little extra gravy on top of an already excellent game.

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