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In Adia We Play For Keeps

Fray is a card game set in the world of Adia from Smunchy Games upcoming RPG, Paths. The game is both played in the game and is a fully playable card game in its own right. With 30 cards containing 3 suits, players try to take control of a 3×3 grid in a very similar fashion to Triple Triad.

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I legit stole this image from the Smunchy Games’ website

Each card in Fray is either a Unit or a Spell. Units contain numbers from 1-7, a Suit, and a special ability. Spells allow a player to alter the game in different ways. Each turn both a Spell and a Unit may be played unless a Unit specifies otherwise. Units are played on a blank spot in the 3×3 grid, flipping adjacent enemy Units around whose number is lower than the Unit played. Once the 3×3 grid is filled the player with the most controlled unit wins.

Normally Fray is played over the course of 3 matches with the winner of the entire game the one who wins 2. What’s really cool is that you can use it in the Path role-playing game because it’s firmly part of the lore. Downtime at an inn? Illicit gambling? The fate of the world rests on the outcome of the game? Do it!

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It’s important to mention the game is still being worked on, so there may be some items that need to be ironed out and there’s certainly art and graphic design to be done. That being said it’s an enjoyable little game that’s portable, simple, and certainly captures the feel of a tavern game.

Fray launches on Kickstarter March 3rd, 2020. Keep an eye on the Smunchy Games’ website for more info as the date approaches.

A prototype of Fray was provided free for the purposes of this preview by Smunchy Game

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