Forge Prints Foundations

Forge Prints is an outfit that I am particularly excited about. Their unique collection of resin minis pairs well with many tabletop games. In anticipation of their new Kickstarter: Foundations 4: Rise of the Mimics, Forge Prints sent over a few samples of their Foundations 3 collection. You can pick up most of these items (and a lot more) on their website or at their Etsy shop.

Forge Prints Foundations

I will let the photos do most of the talking. Forge Prints offers a number of highly detailed science fiction and fantasy bases and dungeon scenery. These minis come packaged professionally and may be purchased painted or unpainted. Additionally, they are low-cost, making them a great go-to if you are looking to take your 2D game board up a level.

Forge Prints Foundations

As most resin models do, the minis have a number of mold lines and connector chunks where the models attach to the sprue (although the majority come sprue-free). However, the resin is very soft and can easily be sculpted with a razor.

The rock worm was one of my favorites. Assembly was easy, a small amount of glue, and the model looks great. The connecting pieces needed to be shaved with a razor slightly to fit properly—not uncommon for resin minis—and some Army Painter’s Green Stuff is needed to fill the connecting gap (which is visible in the photo). Once assembled, the rock worm looks great even without paint. These minis are outstanding. If you are trying to decide which Kickstarter to back, check these guys out.

Resin models provided free for review by Forge Prints.

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