Firmer Terra ALPHA Game Table

Back in May, I posted my review of the Firmer Terra ALPHA Game Table, a portable, folding 6×4 table made with miniatures gaming in mind. At the time I wrapped up the review by saying “If you’re in need of a gaming table on a budget, I can’t recommend the ALPHA enough.”

I still fully stand by that statement.

ALPHA Game Table - Purchase

The renovations our home was undergoing at the time? They took until September to finish. Way longer than they were supposed to have taken. All that time the ALPHA table not only served our gaming needs, but our needs as a dining room table and a central point in a chaotic household for our family to gather and spend time together. The entire time our house was in disarray the ALPHA was a focal point for gaming, meal times, homework, crafts, and all sorts of activities that require a large and stable space. It’s ability to fold up and fit into the trunk of my car also made it a great addition to our neighborhood block party!

Now that our renovations are completed the ALPHA is back to mainly supporting our family gaming needs and is folded up and being stored in our basement when not in use. Being down there means it tends to get a bit dusty in between play sessions. So when Firmer Terra wrote me a while ago looking to purchase some ad space on the site I was excited to find out that they’re now shipping the ALPHA AGT-01 with a protective dust-cover bag to help keep the table clean and make it even easier to carry around.

ALPHA Game Table - Dust Cover Bag

The price of the ALPHA still sits at $189.99, even with the new dust cover bag. Shipping is also still free. Firmer Terra has basically taken an already great deal on a portable gaming table and made it even better. I’m quite jealous of all the new ALPHA customers getting the dust cover bag, and I hope to get one for myself soon.

Our ALPHA table continues to get a lot of use, and with my daughter and I getting into Dust 1947 I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot more use in the near future.

Firmer Terra purchased ad space on A Pawn’s Perspective at the time of this article’s posting.


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