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If there’s one thing I love about RPGs, it’s vast lore, setting, and expanded content. Fateforge looks to be all that and more wrapped up into a solid, 2-book package. Currently up on Kickstarter, I had a chance to take a look at digital versions of both the Adventurers and Grimoire books.

The first is the core book, covering Wizards of the Coast’s 5e rules, character creation, equipment, information on the world of Eana, and more. It’s over 400, full-color pages and has pretty much everything you need to play. The second book, Grimoire, covers spellcasting, magic, Corruption, madness, and Geomagic, a new ruleset for location-based magic. There are over 320 spells included, over 50 of which are brand new to 5e.

Fateforge Preview - Book Covers
Both book covers

Both books are beautifully illustrated and laid out. There are also modules woven into each book to help Leaders (the DM/GM) better tailor the mood of the game to their liking. These are Action, Awakening, Corruption, Dark, Dragon, Elusive Magic, Gritty, Intrigue, Life Lock, Magic Lock, Mind Lock, and Mystery. Different passages in each book may be marked with an icon for one of those modules so the Leader can pick and choose the best items to include in their campaign.

If you’ve never played 5e, these books will contain everything you need to get started. There’s no need for other books. If you’re familiar with 5e already, these books contain a plethora of information about the World of Eana, as well as enough new information to be worth a purchase to enrich your current games. The books are already funded on Kickstarter and are smashing their way through stretch goals. Just $25 will get you the digital versions of them, while $75 will get you the physical version of both.

Digital copies of the Fateforge books were provided free for preview by Studio Agate

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