Fantasy Flight Previews Tactical Action Mechanics of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition


Following the big announcement of the upcoming release of Twilight Imperium, Fantasy Flight has been posting preview pieces on their website. Recently, they made the rules available for download. With GenCon behind, and the 3rd quarter 2017 release approaching, it seems that we can expect more and more posts. Today, Fantasy Flight posted a preview¬†exploring Twilight Imperium 4th Editions’ game setup, strategy phase, and tactical action.

twilight 7 twilight8

Today’s post reveals a Learn to Play included with the game and goes in-depth into setting up the game for play, detailing the strategy phase where players prep for battle, and the action phase where players claim planets, make trades, and participate in space and ground combat. Each new post reveals a closer look at more and more game components and provides insight into various game aspects. With the great press this game has already received pre-release (and with 3 prior editions behind it), each reveal by Fantasy Flight seems to reassure fans of this long-awaited release.



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