Evil Corp Preview

Evil Corp Preview - CoverDesigners: Alfie Dennen and Allix Harrison
Publisher: Self-published
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: £39
Players: 2-6
Play Time: 45-120 min
Ages: 13+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Evil Corp

Evil Corp is a game of wealth, power, and world domination where players take the role as CEOS of the world’s largest companies, six different archetypes, trying to enact their Secret Evil Plan to “save” the world. Over the course of the game players will collect more money (measured in billions), spend that money pursuing Hostile Takeovers, sending Agents to do some dirty work and performing other Nasty Business, and purchasing more Opportunities, all while having to deal with World Events. As their empires build, each player’s HQ will physically up with awesome looking stacking parts.

4 different Phases make up Evil Corp:

  • Phase 1: Acquire your R+D startup
  • Phase 2: Complete a prototype
  • Phase 3: Launch the killer app
  • Endgame – Survive the other players’ last-ditch efforts to stop the culmination of your Evil Plan

For more Evil Corp’s full rules, check here or watch the overview video.

Evil Corp Preview - Components

So now that I (briefly) went over the basics of the game let’s get into the meat of the preview.

Is it any good?


First off, the quality of the prototype I recieved was excellent. All the pieces, from the centerpiece of the board to the stacking HQ tiles function pretty much as I’d expect the final components too. The graphic design and artwork are top notch and really add to the theme of the game with an overall clean, minimal, and sinister feel. The gameplay is solid, simple to learn, and flexible as each Opportunity card is dual function forcing players to choose the best way to use them during their turns. There’s also Market Domination, allowing players to double their income, CEO Powers that give each different archetype a one-use ace in their sleeve, and player-called Audits which can be called when another player makes a mistake (or tries to cheat.) There’s certainly a tension felt as players build their corporations up towards one of the best aspects of Evil Corp, the Endgame, a frantic phase were one player’s victory is all but declared and the others try to stop them by cancelling out their Phases.

Evil Corp hits Kickstarter today, and is well worth the price for what you get both physically and in gameplay.

A prototype copy of Evil Corp was provided free for this preview in adherence to A Pawn’s Perspective’s 2018 Preview Policy.

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