Entropy: Worlds Collide Review

Entropy Worlds Collide - CoverDesigners: Allen Chang, Alistair Kearney
Publisher: Rule & Make, Passport Games
Year: 2017
MSRP: $20
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 15 minutes
Ages: 12+Entr
Rules Available Online: No
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Originally published in 2015 under the name Entropy by Rule & Make, Entropy: Worlds Collide is a bluffing and deduction card game set in a sci-fi world or realities tore asunder.  Players take the role of different characters from different worlds trying to piece together their own reality so they can return home. There are 6 different characters to choose from, each with their own special ability to assist them in their mission of saving their worlds.

The new edition comes with tweaked rules, including dropping the player max from 6 to 4, updated graphic design, and is now distributed by Passport Games.


Entropy comes with 6 different characters, each with their own special ability and 4 Shards that make up part of their reality. Each of the 6 characters also has an identical set of 6 Actions Cards numbered 1-6. There’s also an Anchor card and Wild Shard. More on that later.

To set up play each player chooses a character and their set of Action Cards. Each players’ Shards are then shuffled together with a random extra set from a character not in play and the Wild Shard to form a draw deck called The Nexus. The Anchor is placed next to the Nexus and one Shard is given to each player to place face-down next to their character in their Hold. Players make look at the card in their Hold at any time but must keep it secret from others players.

Each round all players will choose an Action Card from their hand and place it face-down on the table. The actions are as follows:

  1. Unleash – Activate your character’s special ability
  2. Expose – Flip over a Shard in a player’s Hold
  3. Fracture – Draw two Shards
  4. Telekinesis – Draw a single Shard
  5. Shift– Take possession of the Anchor
  6. Reset – Take all Actions back into your hand

Entropy Worlds Collide Review - Actions

Once everyone has chosen a card, players reveal their action and resolve them in numerical order. If two or more players chose the same action they Clash and do no resolve. The exception to this rule is if one of those players has the Anchor. They may then take the action and return the Anchor to the center of the table.

When drawing Shards it’s important to note that only 1 card bacn be placed in a player’s Hold at a time. All other Shards must be discarded face up. If a player already has a card in their Hold they may choose to discard it and place a new card in its place. The goal of the game is for a player to get all 4 of their Shards, or 3 and the Wild Shard, to win the game. This is done by Exposing their Shards from their, or other players’ Holds. Once a Shard is exposed to goes in front of its owner.


Entropy comes in a beautifully illustrated box that’s just a bit bigger than two decks of cards placed side by side. Inside is a thick cardboard insert to hold the single deck of equally impressive looking cards. The artwork and graphic design of the game is outstanding. Each character has their own unqiue looks with breathtaking sci-fi panoramas created when lining up their 4 Shards.

Entropy Worlds Collide Review - Character Panoramo


Entropy combines simple rules, fast gameplay, and beautiful artwork to create a wonderfully thematic and dynamic game that fits neatly into a 15 minute time period. The game rewards a careful eye and clever play with only 6 unique actions that encourage player interaction and add bluffing with simple elements of social deduction.

Entropy is an excellent game. It’s simple enough to play with younger kids yet robust enough to enjoy with a table full of adults. Its quick play makes it easy to fit several games into a small period of time while all the different characters add enough variability to keep the game interesting over multiple plays.

A copy of Entropy: Worlds Collide was provided free for review by Passport Games

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