Enfutown Bumpers Preview

Enfutown Bumpers Preview - CoverDesigners: Trent Ellingsen
Publisher: Self-Published
Year: 2017
MSRP: $14.99
Players: 2
Play Time: 15-20min
Ages: 10+
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: Enfutown Bumpers


Enfutown Bumpers is a 2-player card game coming to Kickstarter on September 22nd that answers the age-old question, “Who would win in a fight, an Overly Positive Grilled Cheese sandwich or a Floppy Cat?” Originally printed in a small run by Trent Ellingsen, the initial stock sold out in an hour. Trent is now prepping to crowdfund the game to get it out to a wider audience of cheese-sandwich and cat lovers alike.


In Enfutown Bumpers players each get an identical deck of 36 cards, each featuring either the Overly Positive Grilled Cheese or Floppy Cat mentioned earlier. The game is played on a 3×5 grid with each player’s champion starting on opposite sides. At the start of the game two cards are placed face down on either side of each player’s champion from the their decks to form the starting force. Players can look at their cards, but they must stay face down. Each player then draws 4 cards and the game begins.

Enfutown Bumpers Preview - Card

On a player’s turn, they may take the following actions, in order:

  1. Play any amount of “Drop” cards from their hand to the discard pile to activate their ability text
  2. Play a single card face down in an empty space adjacent to their champion
  3. Make up to 2 orthagonal moves

If at any point a player’s card moves onto the same space as the opponent’s card a Bump is triggered. At this point the defender can choose to bolster their card with any amount of cards from their hand. Once they have the attacking player may do the same. Once both players have chosen their cards all cards are flipped over. Battle and Enhance abilties are resolved, then each player adds up the rank value of all their cards. The winner flips their card back over while the defender discards theirs. All cards used as modifiers are discarded.

The game ends in one of two ways:

  1. Defeat the opponent’s Champion
  2. Force the opponent to exhaust their draw deck


Normally when I preview a game it’s in prototype form, so this portion of the write up isn’t very helpful. Enfutown Bumpers, as mentioned earlier, has a small print run already so the copy I recieved is pretty much what the final product will be if it funds on Kickstarter.

What really sticks out in Enfutown Bumpers is the artwork. It’s colorful, playful, and family-friendly. I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Overly Positive Grilled Cheese. It’s just really cute. The cards are printed on a nice, sturdy stock as are the rules. The box is sturdy and should hold up for a while. The only component that’s not quite up to task with the rest of the game is the “board.” It’s basically a folded pieces of paper.


Enfutown Bumpers Preview - BoardEnfutown Bumpers is quite a deceptive game. At first glance it looks like a quick, fluffy card game. Even after reading the rules it feels like there may not be much to the game. Once you get your first play in you quickly realize there’s some real strategy in there with plenty of choices to be made.

Higher ranked cards are great to have on the battlefield, but also have great abilities that allow you to get more cards into your hand. Lower ranked cards can be used to force your opponent to burn through cards from their hand or deck, but playing too many cards from your own hand leaves you in a bind when a Bump is initiated. Card placement on the board is also important. Some cards may be able to attack surrounding cards when Bumped, while others allow you to shift your opponent’s cards around the board.

With a simple set of rules but a good level of depth thanks to positioning and abilities, Enfutown Bumpers delivers a satsifying two player experience in a reasonable play time. That combined with a unique asthetic and loveable characters makes it a great game to play with the family or as a strategic filler between larger games.

I’m looking forward to see what the Kickstarter campaign has to offer. Hopefully some great stretch goals like new cards sets, additonal characters, etc…

A copy of Enfutown Bumpers was provided free for this preview by Trent Ellingsen



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