Dwarf Mine Quest RPG Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter Preview

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This week, I had the opportunity of checking out a few sample tiles from the Dwarf Mine Quest RPG Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter from Tomb Guardians.

The Dwarf Mine Quest RPG Dungeon Tiles is a 47-piece magnetic modular dungeon tile set that is based on a standard square grid, so it is compatible with the more common (5e and Pathfinder) fantasy RPGs. The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded (it funded in less than 12 hours) with over 20 days to go. Because this professionally-printed tile set uses magnets, instead of more traditional snaps or locking components, the risk of breaking tiles or locking clips is almost non-existent.

Items from this set are not cheap. You can get items from this set via the Kickstarter campaign either painted or unpainted beginning at a $7 per piece a la cart price for unpainted pieces. A starter set containing 26 unpainted pieces will cost you $164. But, like most RPG accessories, you get what you pay for. Having held a few of these tiles in my hand, I can say for certain that the quality is cutting-edge. Each piece is highly detailed and unique. You can even feel the quality in the heft and weight of the pieces. The magnets work well to hold each piece securely together. And, the magnets are not over powerful. So, there is no aggressive *SNAP* when they get within range of each other, nor are they too difficult to separate when you want them apart. The detail means they will hold paint nicely, if you choose to paint them yourself. And, the variety of pieces is outstanding – some even have LED lighting effects.

One of the most common questions asked about the campaign is, will there be conversion pieces available to make the set more compatible with Dwarven Forge tiles? The short answer is yes. They are just not available at this very moment. However, Tomb Guardians are already in the works of creating such pieces and hopes to make them available very soon.

If you are looking for a new dwarven-themed dungeon tile set that is high-detail and high-quality, and you are willing to cough up the silver pieces, then this set is for you. Take a look. Check out the video above and take a look at the Kickstarter page.

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