Dust 1947 CT001 First Summoning Cthulhu Mythos Army Set Unboxing

Time for a Dust Cthulhu Mythos Army Set Unboxing!

I’d never seen Dust 1947 before PAX Unplugged 2017. I’d heard of Dust Tactics before, but wasn’t aware of the product’s relaunch as Dust 1947 back in 2016. I got a chance to sit down and play a demo of the game during my time on the show floor, then was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to be able to take home a boxed set of the new Cthulhu Mythos set.

This box is pretty amazing, containing 3 oversized miniatures, unit cards, faction-specific dice, and an army booklet for the Mythos. The 3 miniatures, 1 Avatar of Nyarlathotep and 2 Spawns of Cthulhu, come fully assembled and primed, and are amazingly detailed.

While I don’t have anything else yet to actually give these critters a go in-game, I should be getting something soon. Until then, here’s some shots of what comes in the box.






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