Dungeons Unlimited Sewer Molds Review

I had the awesome opportunity of receiving the first sewer molds from Dungeons Unlimited‘s new Sewer Molds collection! These molds are fantastic and I was able to whip up a pretty neat encounter area in little time at all.

When comparing these molds to Hirst Arts molds, these molds hold up very well. First, they are cheaper, selling for $25 a piece, compared to the $30+ for Hirst Arts molds. Another perk is that because these molds are larger, they require less casting to make larger-area dungeonscapes, which greatly cuts down on time spent producing your casts. These molds are every bit as detailed to the competitors, made from all hand-sculpted pieces, and can be used to make some very unique encounter areas and modular dungeonscapes. Finally, the molds themselves are of excellent quality, produced using high quality silicone that will accept all types of plasters and resins, and are sure to withstand many casts when cared for properly.

Here is what I created:

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I cast these molds using Merlins Magic Hobby Stone and painted them with Plaid Paints and I am very satisfied with the end result. I can’t wait to create more rooms and hallways to grow my modular set. And, Dungeons Unlimited also offers Castle Mold and Ice Cavern Mold sets to really develop your tabletop world. If you are looking for something new and unique to craft up for your table, look no further.

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