DungeonMorph Dice (and more)!

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They even look great on your terrain!

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a look at a bundle set of Inkwell IdeasDelver, Trailblazer, and Voyager DungeonMorph Dice, along with the DungeonMorph Book of Modular Encounters, DungeonMorph Tiles, and DungeonMorph Map Tile Cards. These unique game supplements blend form and function to provide you with system-neutral encounters and map areas for your game table. If you have ever taken a look at any of my tabletop setups on Instagram or YouTube, you know that I am a big believer in modular terrain. There may be more colorful or glittery supplemental materials out there, but it is the utility and substance that separates the DungeonMorph products.

I will start with a negative – these products are pricey. A set of DungeonMorph Dice will run you about $17.99 and the DungeonMorph Tiles will cost you a cool $54.99 (if you want them in print). Although, you could opt to spend $9.99 to receive only the .PDF version, if that works for you and your game group. It can generally be stated, that when it comes to the gaming hobby, you get what you pay for. And, this is certainly no exception. All of these items are of quality materials and definitely do not feel cheap or flimsy.

A set of DungeonMorph Dice contains six unique over-sized six-sided dice. Each with a beautiful encounter area design covering each of the six sides. These encounter areas link together in any order, in any direction, and at any side of the various dice (you can even mix up the dice sets to add variety to your dungeons if you wish).

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The DungeonMorph Tiles set includes 51 10″x10″ durable cards that contain all the designs of the Delver (cavern), Trailblazer (dungeons), and Voyager (more dungeons) dice sets. They have a 1″ grid for use as battlemats. Like the companion DungeonMorph Dice, you can align the cards together to make a dungeon or cavern as large as you need. Because the map images correspond to all of the other materials, these dungeon areas can also be connected on any side, for a multitude of layout combinations. For convenience, each tile has a prominent number and a smaller letter which allow you to easily match it up to the dice sets.

Regarding the substance of the DungeonMorph products, they are worth every penny. As mentioned, each of these items works in sync with the others. For example, you can roll a set of DungeonMorph Dice to create a random unique dungeon layout. You can then take the corresponding DungeonMorph Tiles and lay them out on your game table in the same configuration as shown on the dice – Bam! Instant game map. But, it doesn’t stop there. Next, you can utilize the Book of Modular Encounters to populate your dungeon map with creatures, traps, lore, and loot.

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The Book of Modular Encounters has it all. Monstrous Humanoid Warrens? Yep. Otherworldly Visitors? Check. Monastic Shrine? Yep, yep, yep. There are even exotic traps such as one featuring Purple Worm Younglings:

The “coffins” are stone boxes with young purple worms in magical suspended animation. If any box is opened, the worms in all the boxes writhe out and burrow away, aiming for load-bearing supports; when the tunnels collapse, they can feed on the crushed corpses at their convenience. This trap was intended to keep the secrets of the builders contained and out of enemy hands. The more worms get out, the less time intruders have to escape as the rumblings of cave-ins escalate.

Well-thought traps that feature running timers, use of the environment, unique mechanics such as those of magical means, and the employ of creatures define this game master supplement. This is so refreshing, considering the flood of one-dimensional traps that we see peppering the pages of game guides these days.


As mentioned, the products are pricey, but compare this to a set of Paizo’s Pathfinder Flip Tiles. With DungeonMorph, you have access to a wealth of multi-layered information to bring your map tiles to life and add rich story-lines to your tabletop with little time and effort. In a crowded arena, the DungeonMorph line of game master supplements truly stand out. These materials are easy to use and are defined by strange oddities and unique lore. While still grounded in the ideas of foundational fantasy archetypes, these materials are system neutral and easy to adapt into any campaign. I would recommend these materials to any game master of any experience level and they are certainly worth taking a look.

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