Dungeon Werks Dice Accessories

In the same vein of my recent post reviewing Kentucky Sawdust’s spectacular dice trays, I decided to check out Dungeon Werks. Based out of Claremore, Oklahoma, Dungeon Werks makes a number handmade custom wood gaming products. Shown here are three examples of their craftsmanship:

Dungeon Werks Tray

The tray and tower are constructed from smooth red oak and high-density foam. The tray’s sides are 1.5” high and are sanded to a smooth finish. The tray is shipped unstained. Dungeon Werks offers 25 different foam color options to customize your tray. Additionally, the tray has foam feet to protect your furniture. The tray sells for $19.75. I threw a few dice around during a late-night game of Imperial Assault and they glided smoothly across the tray surface, settling nicely with little bounce that might result in a lost die.

Dungeon Werks Tower

I was particularly impressed with the tower. The tower sells for $35 (if using a foam floor) and $40 if using a suede leather floor. With three ramps and a tray covered with your choice of high-density foam or soft suede leather, this ensures your dice bounce, roll, and stay on the table, keeping your game moving smoothly. The tower is made from the same quality materials as the tray and measures approximately 3 1/4” W x 3 1/4” D x 6” T. One thing I found particularly cool is that the tower lays down in its tray for easy storage. The tray is slightly larger (to fit the tower) with 1” high sides and foam feet to protect your furniture. Both items are sanded to a smooth finish. Like the tray, the tower is shipped unstained with your choice of foam color or suede leather (for an extra $5).

Dungeon Werks Leather Tray

The collapsible suede leather dice tray is pretty handy. It unbuttons and rolls up so it can travel with you to a friend’s house for game night. Each tray is made from soft suede leather and measures about 8” x 8”. Once the snaps are secured to form the tray, you will have about a 5” x 5” rolling surface, with a nice lip to prevent the dice from making an escape. One thing that makes Dungeon Werks’ leather trays unique is that they are made from 100% real leather, creating the possibility for flaws and even some branding, making your tray authentic and one-of-a-kind.
While these items are not as flashy as some of the other wood gaming accessories on the market, they have a nice rustic, genuine look and feel to them and the quality is top notch. They are also slightly smaller, allowing them to fit on most tables. Check them out!

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