I’ve got a lot of games to review.

A lot.

I took a look at my review queue and counted 23 unplayed games on there. That’s actually not too bad for me. It means I’ve gotten a lot off the list in a good amount of time. Unfortunately I haven’t updated the list since PAX.

I took home 13 new games from PAX, and have had steady shipments of games arriving in the mail since. I also took home 2 new games from CT FIG, with more in the wing from there, too. Not to mention normal review requests coming in from PR contacts from various companies.

I haven’t sat down to update my sheet and get an accurate number, but I’m guessing my queue will grow to around 50 games. That number doesn’t include digital games, toys, and gaming accessories. Oh yeah, I’ve also got 12 games that have been played, and are waiting on a write up.

Part of the reason I started A Pawn’s Perspective was to give me another outlet to review things. I’m limited to the amount of review items I can post on Purple Pawn at a time. being it’s mainly a news site. That being said, I can’t go back and tell people the review they thought they were getting on Purple Pawn will now be posted here. I need to get through my backlog, post the reviews on Purple Pawn, and start setting up reviews with the expectation that they’ll be posted here in the future.

What’s a guy to do when he’s got too many games to play? Start a convention! Of course not a real-deal convention, but more of full day of gaming with invited friends, designers, and local publishers. Preferably in a hall or someplace that can accommodate a good sized group to people for a full day of gaming.

So that’s how my wife and I came up with the idea of r_day. A day of gaming with Rob (that’s me) to play as many games in my review queue as possible. I’d hope I could at least get through a good stack of my queue in a day, and even if I couldn’t, it’d be a fun thing to try.

I’ve got a lot of planning to do, then a lot of invites to send. If it works, it’d be awesome. I’m starting to drown in new games.

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