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Dreams of Tomorrow Preview - Cover

Our future is a bleak one, but we have no idea. An unknown amount of time from now Dreams Engineers work tirelessly to save us from their present by weaving together dream fragments to send back to us in their past. Their hopes are to inspire us to be better and undo the damage we haven’t yet begun to do.

Dreams of Tomorrow is a set collection game that recently funded on Kickstarter from Weird Giraffe Games. It features a rondel of actions that players can manipulate to earn resources, purchase dream fragments, combine fragments into sequences, and use special abilities. Each space has an action, and sometimes a shared action, to keep all players engaged in play even when it’s not their turn. Players must collect Dreams and weave them into the most resonant sets in order to score the highest amount of points and win the game.

Featuring two difficulties and a bunch of variant rules, including solo play, Dreams of Tomorrow gives players plenty of options in a small box of tarot-sized cards and wooden bits. It’s use of contrast between the stark, minimal rondel, player aides, and player boards and the highly colorful and magnificent artwork on the Dream Cards drives home the theme of a chance of hope in a bleak future.

Dreams of Tomorrow Preview - Setup
Example 3-player setup. Photo by kalchio on BoardGameGeek (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Dreams of Tomorrow is a deceptively simple game with the right amount of depth, ease-of-play, and play time. The ability to manipulate the action rondel keeps players on their toes as they switch directions, swap cards, and optimize their turns to better increase their chance of buying dreams they need while disrupting their opponents’ resonance. The solo play is engaging and the variants interesting in their own right.

Where the game really shines is Trouble Night mode, the more advanced game featuring the Night Mare. In this mode, the Night Mare disrupts the rondel in different ways and can even wipe the Dreamscape of cards and steal resources. It can be vicious, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

For those who missed the Kickstarter, Dreams of Tomorrow is currently still open to Late Pledges.

A prototype copy of Dreams of Tomorrow was provided free for preview by Weird Giraffe Games

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