Doom: The Board Game Unboxing Photo Gallery

Better late than never. Picked up Doom: The Board Game over the holidays. If you own any of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault box sets, then you know what to expect. Here it goes.

Inside the box, you will find:

•1 Rule Reference Guide

•1 Operations Guide

•1 Learn to Play Guide

•37 plastic figures (4 Marines and 33 Demons)

•6 dice (4 red and 2 black)

•8 Demon Cards

•36 Event Cards

•73 Action Cards

•12 Invasion Cards

•3 Threat Cards

•10 Initiative Cards

•4 Marine Cards

•6 Objective Cards

•24 Class Cards

•12 Glory Kill Cards

•4 Squad Cards

•4 Stun Cards

•7 Stun Tokens

•55 Damage Tokens

•9 Health Tokens

•6 Teleporter Tokens

•6 Objective Tokens

•18 Portal Tokens

•21 Frag Tokens

•18 Argent Power Tokens

•23 Weapon Tokens

•16 Progress/Threat Tokens

•24 Double-Sided Map Tiles

•8 Door Tokens

•8 Plastic Door Stands

Beautifully printed, vivid literature

Dice and door stands

Miniatures placed in a crowded bag, typical packaging for Fantasy Flight Games. Luckily, they have an easy and generous replacement system.
The miniatures are made of the same soft plastic as the miniatures from Star Wars Imperial Assault.

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