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Jamanime Games and Domina Gamers are partnering to bring the Domina Anthology, Pralaya, Miraris, and Argoat, to the states with via a recently launched Kickstarter. Each of the three games have a simiar theme of obtaining knowledge and is primarily based off a deck of cards.

Argoat is about the search for Eden. Each player must make their way around a modular board made of cards that grows as they explore further and further out from a Frontier Town. As they explore they gain knowledge, and explore 4 Dark Forests in search for Eden. If a player can obtain all 8 fragments of knowledge and enter Eden, they win. Argot is the most component-heavy of the Domina Anthology, requiring meeples, discs, and acrylic emeralds to place. It’s also the most spacial, as players are actively moving around the grid of cards, resolving actions and seeking knowledge.

Pralaya is game where players are trying to rescue as many relics from a sinking island as possible while still being able to get off said island safely. It’s an action-point allowance game with a push-your-luck element and the added tension of a built-in timer. Each turn player will spend 1-3 Vitality points to purchase relics, then can spend Currency to purchase to Veda Card (give you 1 extra Vitality) or a Donhi Card (lets you escape the island.) It’s the lightest of the 3 Domina games and is also the quickest, taking only 10-30 minutes to play.

Miraris has players trying to discover the truth of a Dream World that’s reflected through an antique mirror. This is done by players using Dormire cards to earn Wonders over the course of 8 rounds and using a bit of bluffing. Player take Wonders in the order of the Dormire card they played, with players who played similar numbers unable to take any Wonders. Miraris is the meatiest of the 3 Domina Games taking anywhere from 30-60 minutes to play. It also supports the most amount of players, handling from 3-6.

Each Domina Anthology game is filled with beautiful, eerie art by Qtonagi and is simple to learn, yet extremely elegant. Though a similar theme runs across all three games, each is its own unique experience and thrill to play for just about any age group or play experience.

The Domina Anthology is currently up on Kickstarter with pledge levels for Argoat, Pralaya, and Miraris going for $25, $20, and $20. You can also pledge for all 3 at $60, or $150 if you’d like all three games, 3 playmats, 3 sets of card sleeves, and some other goodies.

Prototypes of Argoat, Pralaya, and Miraris were provided free for review by Japanime Games

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