Discovering Tak

Cheapass games wrapped up a wildly successful Kickstarter to bring Tak to life. For those unfamiliar, Tak is a fictional game in Patrick Rothfuss’ novel A Wise Man’s Fear. Though the mechanics of the game are never laid out in the story, James Ernest set it upon himself to bring the abstract game to life.

I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of the game, but until then I decided to 3D print my own set using models designed by ts52 on Thingiverse. I’m currently in the process of printing the regular, non-grooved pieces. I’m using my Solidoodle Press since it’s faster than my Micro 3D, and since there’s not a lot of fine detail it’s doing a fine job.

Here’s a few pics of my process so far. I’ll be sure to post the finished product once I’m done.

Tak Model
Tak Printer
Tak Printing
Tak Pieces

UPDATE: I’ve finished! Just a paper board for now, but it’s enough to play at 5×5 game!

Tak Printed

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