Discovering Tak – Part 4

One of the greatest things about Tak is the open nature of the game. Cheapass Games provides the rules online, along with piece dimensions. People all over have been making their own Tak sets, and some of them are just awe inspiring. I’ve started keeping a Pinterest Board with sets I like, but I figured I’d spotlight a few here.

Posted by reddit user Shidda, this board is simple, functional, and beautiful. Simple wooden pieces on a stitched board.

Flickr user TevK created two different board with two different techniques. He provides instructions for both here.

TevK Boards

Next is a really beautiful boxed set created by a reddit user that I can’t seem to find again (apologies!)

Tak Board – Created for me by my beautiful and amazing gf!

Finally, my absolute favorite. Imgurian AaronSchmersal created a board that’s both beautiful and thematic, using characteristics taken from the Kingkiller Chronciles.

Tak Board Progression

I’m still struggling to make a set that I’m happy with, but I don’t even have a fraction of the talent these fine folk have. I’ll just have to settle with what I have until the official sets come out in November.

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