Discovering Tak – Part 2

Continuing my earlier Tak post, I figured I’d give my initial thoughts on the game. I finished my set, and have played more than a handful of the game, teaching 3 of my kids to play over our recent vacation.

Also, I’ve created my own box/board combo to store and play the game. Based off the beautiful Devi’s board, one of the most expensive tier rewards from the Tak kickstarter, I created the Tarbean Waterside Board, also known as Pike’s board. If you’ve read The Name of the Wind, you’ll get the joke.

Tak Printed

We played using the latest Beta Rules from the Cheapass Games site, which are well written, and contain lots of interesting tidbits on vocabulary and the traditions of Tak. It’s a wonderfully simple game to learn with more depth than you’d initially guess. In no time the kids and I were testing our newly found Tak skills and figuring out new and clever ways to win the game. I’m proud to say that each of my kids were able to best me at one point or another, and all in different ways. Each of them have their own play style, and I’m excited to see how they evolve over more play, and possibly moving to bigger boards (we play 5×5, but 6×6 and 8×8 supposedly provide much different gameplay and strategy).

I’m looking on making a better set for myself in the future, possibly 3D printing new pieces using wood filament. I’d really love to make a nice board, or at least find a nice Chess board and create overlays and add diamonds to the intersections to be more like the Cheapass hybrid board. Of course I can’t wait to get my hands on an official set in November, too.

My kids and I are still very new to the game, but we’re all excited to play. Tak is an excellent game so far!

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