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Welcome to Dice Pairing with Level Up Dice. I’ll be your Diceomancer, guiding through your quest for luxury dice to suit any occasion. Today I’m going to serve up two expertly crafted polyhedral sets to accompany you on your high seas adventures. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Verawood Dice

Verawood produces an essential oil long after the tree has been cut that has a self-sealing property. This made it an excellent wood to use in shipbuilding. Not only that, but the wood smells absolutely amazing. While the smell won’t remind you of the open ocean, I’ve chosen these dice because of the wood’s history on the sea.

Verawood 1
The grain of Verawood is straight to spiraled or slightly interlocked. It ranges from pale yellowish olive to a deeper forest green or dark brown to almost black. The color tends to darken with age, especially upon exposure to light.
(Meier, E. Verawood. https://www.wood-database.com/verawood/)

Saltmarsh Copper

It’s my first-ever dice pairing and I’m already going to cheat a little bit. While Level Up Dice does certainly sell heavy metal copper dice, they don’t really have a set called Saltmarsh Copper. What do super shiny copper dice have to do with the ocean? Not much…but if you age them they do. Have a look:

Saltmarsh Copper
Now THESE feel more like some dice that have lived in salty air

Level Up Dice’s copper dice will eventually tarnish like this through use, but you can speed up the process by following this guide.

diceomancer general 1
Disclaimer: I’m a Level Up Dice Diceomancer, and every sale generated through my links help A Pawn’s Perspective get some cool perks like giveaways, exclusive items, and someday maybe even a one-of-a-kind dice set designed by me.

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