Dark.net/Kung Fu Zoo Coming from WizKids Next Year

WizKids has been becoming a bigger and bigger blip on my radar lately with some quality releases. In February 2018 they’re putting out Dark.net, a cyberpunk board game of buying and selling information that will retail for $44.99. Sounds a little bit like Deckers from Shadowrun condensed down into their own board game.

“The tech-future which mankind has been working towards is finally upon us! Sadly, the tech-future is not all we thought it was cracked up to be; technology couldn’t save us from ourselves and there are no hoverboards or floating cars in sight. Contrary to our hopes and dreams, four mega-corporations dominate and dictate every aspect of our lives.”

Kung-Fu Zoo

Also arriving in February is Kung-Fu zoo, a dexterity game where players take control of a team of animals represented by dice. Players take turns flicking their dice to try and knock their opponents’ animals back into their cages or onto their backs. It will play 2-4 players and retail for $39.99.

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