Connecticon 2017

I just got back from a full day at Connecticon and I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to post about in the next few days. I had a bit of a stressful morning as I arrived at the con to find my press pass had been canceled. Thankfully I was able to get the issue cleared up rather quickly, apparently an issue with GrowTix, and was able to enjoy my day.

I spent a lot of the day hanging out with Geek Fever Games and Yanaguana Games, playing their games and generally keeping some great company. I got to try some new prototypes from Geek Fever, and some new revisions of titles I’ve previously played. I even got to see the new Alternate Island for their upcoming game with Thundergryph Games, Dead Man’s Doubloons. With Yanaguana, I got to play a more refined version of Re-Chord, their latest game that’ll be hitting Kickstarter at the end of this summer.

As far as open gaming on the con is concerned, the tabletop area was packed and as busy as I’ve ever seen it. The convention has grown so much now that most of the tabletop gaming and RPGs have moved to the Mariott next door to the Connecticut Convention Center.

I also got to see some amazing hand-crafted toys and goodies in the Artists Colony and Dealer Booths. I’ve picked a few awesome ones to spotlight over the next week.

Overall I had a blast. Connecticon is always a great time, and close to home, which makes it even better.

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