Connecticon 2017 – Rocky Mountain Dragons

I came across Rocky Mountain Dragons towards the end of my day and on my 5th or 6th cruise around the Artist Colony. I seriously don’t know how I missed them my first times around the floor. You can see in the pic above that their booth was crammed full of dragons! There’s a bunch of variations on 3 different products: Cape Dragons, Shoulder Packs, and hand-crafted, Poseable Dragons (there’s even some foxes, cats, and other critters tossed into the mix.)

The Shoulder Packs ($35-$45]) have a 7”x4.5” pocket on the belly of the pack and when worn it looks as if the dragon is perched over your shoulder.

The Cape Dragons ($25 are super soft plushies with velcro on the wing tips to so they can be worn around your neck like a cape. They’re 30 inches tall with a 20-inch wingspan. The horns have wire in them that can be bent and shaped.

The hand-made Poseable Dragons ($45) range from 14-18 inches long, have wired bodies so they can be wrapped around objects, have hand-cast resin heads and feet, and are coated in faux fur. Each dragon is handmade, hand cast, and hand painted. No two are exactly alike.

I’m seriously in love with the Poseable Dragons, and my kids were drooling over just about everything they saw from the pictures I took and Rocky Mountain Dragon’s website. I’m hoping there’ll be a dragon, or few, in our future!

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