Connecticon 2017 – Geek Fever Games

Pollyanna!Geek Fever Games had an impressive showing at Connecticon this year with three tables full of games. The first was dominated by their upcoming game with Thundergryph games, Dead Man’s Doubloons, designed by Jason Miceli. The latest prototype was available to play, which included the Alternate Island that was unlocked as a stretch goal in their Kickstarter campaign. Jason also had a bit of a surprise for me (pictured to the right), knowing how much of a fan I am of Dead Man’s Doubloon’s Pollyanna. She spent the rest of Connecticon making sure I was safe and offered to destroy anyone who got in my way.

The next table contained Darrin Horbal’s designs: Guardians of AsunDur, KhromaZones, and his latest design, Rocket Ship Go. I was already familiar with the first two but got a chance to play an updated ruleset of AsunDur that streamlines the game further, making it set up quicker and offering an easier way to change the difficulty level of the game. I also got a few games in of Rocket Ship Go, a micro game where you’re trying to be the last player who can make a move on a board that rapidly fills up with mines. The game plays in less than 10 minutes and can be a real brain burner as you try to figure out how to lock out your opponent while not backing yourself into a corner.

Rocket Ship Go

Last, but certainly not least, was a table filled with
Tim Mierzejewski designs. One of my favorite games, Avoid the Void, was available to play with a few changes to streamline the game and make it more accessible. I finally got a chance to try Druid Dice, a battle game where players create a grid of dice that activate their Druid’s powers in a bid to get the most gems and/or totems. Tim also had Ice Fortress on display, a game that he entered into The Game Crafter’s Big Box Challenge, and is currently a finalist. The game is a cooperative tower defense game where players are working together to build a magical fortress and protect it.

All in all Geek Fever has a lot going for it. Their current lineup is nothing to scoff at, and I can’t wait for the games to be available in retail!

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