Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition Preview

Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition Preview - CoverDesigners: Ewen Cluney
Publisher: Evil Hat
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $30
Players: 3-6
Play Time: 30 min
Ages: 12+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Channel A

Originally published in 2012 by Asmadi, Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition is an updated version of Ewen Cluney’s anime “pitch” game. Channel A is a party game where players pitch crazy anime series to match a producer’s needs. It starts with the producer playing 2 Premise Cards. Each player then can play up to 4 Title Cards from their hand of 10 to create a title for their series (including the Producer!) Each player then has to pitch their title and everyone votes whose idea is the best. It’s a pretty standard formula, and frankly not one my family and I enjoy.

Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition Preview - Example Titles
Example Title Cards

Anime fans will probably eat this game up, as might party game fans. As for myself, it falls in with games like Pitch Perfect.  There’s just not much here to justify a cost of $30 when there are other party games that do the game thing better for the same price, or less. The saving grace here is the anime theme which is sure to pull in a specific market of buyers.

Want to give it a shot before you back it? There’s a print-and-play that contains about 1/3 of the cards as the main game this way you can make your own mind up about that game and whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your game group.

A prototype copy of Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition was provided free for this preview by Evil Hat.

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